Checklist For Preparing For Bed Bug Treatment

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In general, you will find that most pest control companies require very extensive preparation. Bed Bugs hide in bedside furniture and other areas of the room, not just your mattress. Why is a home reaches critical because bed bug checklist treatment area. Remove ALL bedding off the mattress and box springs again. Use nylofume bags by the treatment checklist for bed bug. Clothing can be left in drawers unless they are tightly packed. All clothing in drawers and closets may be left in place.

Whether you are opting for a DIY bed bug elimination treatment or have called in the professionals; read and print this handy checklist to make the process most effective and also to protect your kids, pets and valuables throughout.

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Carefully inspect all Items that cannot be washed: books, electronics, picture frames, plastic toys, etc.

For effective pest control in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA, contact Capitol Pest! These irritating little pests can take over a home, regardless of the sanitary conditions. Inspect ALL used furniture and bedding before bringing it into your home. The best way to tell if you have bed bugs is via inspection. Do not place anything on the mattress.

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We are committed to our customers and look forward to helping you become BED BUG FREE! BAG THE OTHER SMALLER ITEMS BEFORE DRAGGING THEM THROUGH YOUR HOME. Otherwise, it will take longer to get the infestation under control. Action Pest Control, Inc.

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We recommend that Eco Elite Pest Control open the bags for you after the week is over. You may leave behind bunk beds should be dealing with any treatment bed. Separate all clothing items to allow adequate air circulation.

When you hire a pest control company you pay to eliminate every single bed bug from your home. If activity is found in clothing, wash again using hot water and detergent, or dry clean. Empty trash from a checklist for bed bug treatment methods during service. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHAT DO BED BUG BITES LOOK LIKE?

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If you go to bed with no itchy red bites, and wake up with them on exposed areas of the body, you might have bed bugs.

Store your clean items immediately into plastic bags away from the home or unit being treated. If you discover you have a problem, contact Kansas Bed Bugs, LLC for a FREE estimate. You will need to launder these on the day of your initial treatment. Plasma televisions must be removed from the treatment area.

Or if items are not needed, place them in a plastic bag sealed tightly and discard them. If baseboard heating is present, it may be utilized during service. If you have a litter box, please remove it from the area. SHOULD I THROW AWAY MY MATTRESS?

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Fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolates, carbonated beverages, wines, liquors Antique furniture with finish or fragile glue points Musical instruments and collectibles may be heat sensitive, such as guitars Other: Wrap articles that are impracticalto remove in an insulating material.

All rugs, floors, carpets, mattresses, couch cushions, box springs, counters, corners, etc. Will I still see bed bugs and continue to get bit even after I have started treatment? Because bed bugs disfavor bright light, they are mainly active at night. However, once bed bugs are located and the size of the problem has been estimated, room preparation must be done, and usually by the resident unless other arrangements are made at an additional cost. During heavy bed bug infestations, harborage areas are limited.

Whether it occurs at your residence or your business, a bed bug infestation is bad news. With a quick call or form, we can assess the next steps to restore comfort to your home. Remove coats, clothes and place them inside plastic bags and launder them. Personal items and belongings will NOT be treated by OPC. Does a fumigation treatment leave any surface residues? All air conditioning must be switched off before treatment.

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    1. Contrary to the common myth, cleanliness is not a determining factor when it comes to bed bug infestations.

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